Ben Mc Henry and Cameo Cross

The Routine Intensive

One of Ben and Cameo’s actual routines – you will learn it all!


FRIDAY FROM 12 PM until 3 PM and 4PM until 7 PM


$120 ON SITE ($240 per couple)

Learn more about Ben and Cameo.

This will be available to couples of all levels, but we are recommending to be at least Intermediate points or higher to be able to fully grasp the material at the pace Ben & Cameo will be moving.

They will be adjusting choreography and providing different options so that various skill levels will be able to follow along, but that can only go so far.

This is a challenging routine, and if you decide to participate, you should be doing so with that mind set. You must register with a partner that you will stay with for the duration of the intensive. Attendees will not be rotating.

From Ben and Cameo:  “It looks like we officially get to teach Devil With A Blue Dress! This routine is FAST… 163 BPM to be exact. We will slow it down SIGNIFICANTLY while people are learning and processing everything, and then incrementally bump it back up to encourage the highest success rate possible. We will also be providing some different options for some of the more physically challenging sections. With all of that being said, this will push you for sure. Please come prepared for a challenge, and then we will do our best on our end to not run scare you out of the room.”