The Chicago Classic 2015 Event Schedule (tentative)

Subject to change (last updated, 7-17-14)

Thursday, March 12, 2015  ($10.00 lesson and dance; $5.00 dance only)

7:00p-8:00p  Workshop #1:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

8:00p    Open dancing

Friday, March 13, 2015

  2:00p-4:00p  Floor trials  Note:  Dancers taken in order in which they check in with DJ.

3:00p  Registration opens (Registration closes at 11:00p.  After hours, contact Nancy Tuzzolino, 312-953-3336.)

  2:45p-3:45p  Judges Meeting

  4:15p-5:05p  Workshop #2:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  5:15p-6:05p  Workshop #3:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  6:15p-7:05p  Workshop #4:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  6:00p  Contest Registration closes for FRI competitions

  7:15p  Ballroom Opens; Open Dancing

  7:15p-8:00p   Competitors Check-In--MANDATORY  (FRIDAY comps & Pro-Am Strictly Swing)

  8:30p  Welcome and Instructor Exhibitions

  9:00p  Pro-Am Swing Routines; Showcase

  10:00p  Contest Registration closes for Pro-Am Strictly Swing (Sat comp) & Novice J&J (Sat comp)

  10:30p  Strictly Swing (Prelims:  Masters, Novice, Inter, Adv/AS)

  11:30p  Open Dancing


Saturday, March 14, 2015

 7:00a-9:00a  Floor trials (Sat comps)  Note:  Dancers taken in order in which they check-in with DJ.

  8:30a  Registration opens  (Registration closes at 11:00p. After hours, contact Nancy Tuzzolino; 312-953-3336.)

  10:00a  Contest Registration closes for SAT & SUN competitions

  9:00a-9:50a  Workshop #5:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  10:00a-10:50a  Workshop #6:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  11:00a-11:50a  Workshop #7:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  11:00a-12:30p  Competitors Check-In--MANDATORY  (SATURDAY comps. Note: Routine divisions choose dance order and hand in music.)

  12:00p  Ballroom Opens; Open Dancing

  1:45p  Jack & Jill (Prelims: Novice)

  2:30p  Pro-Am Strictly Swing (Nov, Inter/Adv)  Contest cut-off is Friday at 6:00p!

  3:45p  Jack & Jill (Semi-Finals: Masters, Newcomer, Novice, Inter, Adv, All Star)  Contest cut-off for Novice J&J is Friday at 6:00p!

  5:30p  Strictly Swing (Finals-heated: Masters, Nov, Inter) 

  6:30p  Dinner break (ballroom closed)

  7:30p  Ballroom Opens; Open Dancing

  8:30p  Thank You's and Awards for Showcase division

  8:45p  Masters Routines (50+); Classic Rising Star; Classic

  10:15p  Strictly Swing (Finals: Adv/AS; Champion)

  11:00p  Awards for Pro-Am Routines, Masters Routines, Classing Rising Star and Classic divisions

11:15p  Open dancing


Sunday, March 15, 2015

  8:30a  Registration Opens  (Registration closes at 12:00p)

  9:00a-9:50a  Workshop #8:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  10:00a-10:50a  Workshop #9:  Instructors TBA  (Intermediate/Adv WCS)

  11:00a  Ballroom Opens; Open Dancing

  12:00p  Jack & Jill Finals  Heated: Masters, Newcomer, Nov, Inter, Adv; All Star (will spotlight All Star division, if time permits)

  3:00p  Champion Jack & Jill

  5:00p  Awards (Pro-Am SS; Strictly Swing; Jack & Jill divisions)

  6:00p  Ballroom closes.  Sunday night dance at May I have This Dance Studio (


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