Glenn Ball

Choreography is not only about the talent of each individual performer, but it is the sum of the parts. With many years of experience performing alongside the giants of the entertainment business, Glenn Ball acquired the right know-how to unlock the full potential of a performance.

As a child, Glenn trained in all forms of dance and even won World Titles in Latin and Ballroom and Country and Western dance styles.

From a dance career which boasts of being the youngest ever member of the Spirit of the Dance touring company to touring world-wide with Take That and Kylie Minogue.

Glenn’s knowledge of dance is extensive to say the least allowing him to expertly deliver unique and various styles of performance. His attention to detail and enthusiastic style has made it possible for Glenn to become one of the UK’s youngest, most innovative choreographers.

His list of credits already includes names such as “X Factor”, “Got to Dance”, “Tarkan” and “The Saturdays”. He has choreographed numerous top 10 videos such as Chico Time and Bars and Melody’s “Hopeful”.