Dillon Luther & Chantelle Pianetta

Dillon Luther and Chantelle Pianetta met social dancing at Mission City Swing in the fall of 2014. They enjoyed dancing with each other early on, but it was not until the end of 2017 that Chantelle reached out to Dillon about doing a Showcase routine.

It only took a few practices to realize that her extensive background in ballet and his versatile background in sports and acrobatics would form the basis for a very athletic showcase partnership.

With the early success of their first routine, Work Song, they began to study and practice the dance together. Eventually, their dedication led them to enter into the realm of teaching, judging, and all facets of the West Coast Swing world.

Today, they travel to compete, teach, learn, and perform all over the world. You can also find them teaching weekly classes at Mission City Swing in their home of San Francisco, where they first danced together.