Katie Moore-Naugle

Katie is a fitness, nutrition, health and life coach. She trains all ages, men and women. She has competed in crossfit and bodybuilding. Katie trained for 6 months solid to step on stage. She lost a total of 58 lbs and stepped out at 9% body fat. She also began her journey sober from alcohol and learning to cope in healthy ways.

In 2018 Katie founded Fit4thefloor. She wanted all of her passions in one strong company.

She saw a need in the West Coast Swing (WCS) community and put these four elements together: physical fitness, nutrition, dance, and mental fitness. Katie now travels the nation to WCS events teaching her signature class Triple Stretch and helps dancers create obtainable life goals.

Katie is a driven, motivational strong woman who continues to educate and be aware of the ever changing fitness/health industry.