Guigo Sortica

Guigo Sortica own’s a dance studio that offers several different types of dances, but mostly Samba, Zouk, Bachata and West Coast Swing.

He has been teaching for 16 years, giving workshops iacross the globe. Zouk is the Brazilian dance that Ihe’s studied the most, participating in workshops with the most popular Brazilian Instructors that are famous all over the world, like Renata Paçanha, Adilio Porto,Mafie Zouker,Breno Arcanjo, Kadu and Larissa, Leo Neves and Becky, Arthur and Layssa, William and Paloma, Bruno Galhardo, and Jakub Jakoubek.

Since 2012, he’s been studying West Coast Swing and how to mix it with Zouk…that’s his new passion.

Guigo teaches Zouk and how to incorporate it (Zouk) into West Coast Swing.