Welcome to The Chicago Classic!

From Thursday, March 9 until Sunday March 12, 2017 some of the greatest dancers in West Coast Swing will assemble in the Windy City to teach, compete and learn — and to dance all night long.

The Chicago Classic seeks, above all, to provide you with an outstanding and memorable social dancing experience. At the Chicago Classic, we never forget that it is social dancing that has and will continue to drive WCS, and which brings passion and joy to so many of our lives.

Along with this, we strive to create an environment that offers all dancers of all levels opportunities to learn and grow, as our range of workshops will demonstrate. We go even further, offering opportunities for even our experienced judges to engage and explore.

Our goal is to provide and maintain the highest standards of excellence, and that extends to the judging panels for all our competitive divisions: Showcase, Classic, Rising Star, J&J, Strictly, Pro-Am and Masters. The Chicago Classic is proud to be not only a WSDC event, but one of the 12 venues on the NASDE tour that bring our top routine competitors to every region of this country.